About Zumba Instructor
Emily Harvey

Instructor at ZFit Dance

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"Make your next step towards fitness, a Zumba class with me!"

Hi everyone my name is Emily! I found my way into the Zumba® industry through my passion for exercise, adventure and being outdoors. I came from a gymnastics background and previously had been heavily involved in competitive horse riding, cross country, swimming and many other sports/hobbies.

Starting my training to become a Zumba instructor in late 2018, my coach, Michelle took me under her wing and directed me. Mid 2019 I travelled to Brisbane to undergo and complete my B1 (Basic Zumba® Instructors) course.

I have experienced a lot of different dance styles through attending a handful of Zumba® master classes… which I highly recommend for anyone and everyone of all dance levels.

When you attend your first class, don’t stress it if you can’t get all the moves. We’ve all been there, have a laugh and just enjoy a more fun way to exercise!

Now I personally love helping people, & would be more than happy to guide you through something you may be struggling with. So don’t hesitate to ask for some help after the class.

The Zumba® community is a forever growing family. We all welcome you with open arms and I really hope to see you at one of our classes.

You can find my personal Zumba® profile page by looking me up at www.zumba.com